About Dr. Tia

I started my career working as an Associate professor in African American, Women and Gender Studies and in English for over 20 years.  After retirement, I made the decision to retire to Santa Fe, New Mexico over two years ago and followed my calling to become a Healer/Reiki Practitioner.  From a very young age I was always told that I was “different.”  But I followed a traditional path of becoming an educator which I felt was not right, even though I loved to teach.  In 2016 – 17, I had my first “spiritual awakening” and I knew that I was being guided from a path where I felt safe and secure to an awareness of a new spiritual journey.  I learned to listen and to follow my true path.  

I have been attuned to Usui Reiki Ryoho – Shoden (first degree) and additionally attuned as a Reiki II Practitioner since 2016. I also have diplomas in Developing and intermediate Mediumship in 2019. If you want to know more about me, please contact me. 

—In Light, Tia


  • Gendai Reiki I
  • Glendai Reiki II
  • Developing Mediumship
  • Intermediate Mediumship 

It is my desire to help, change and heal the physical body.  In the modality of Reiki, the process of healing comes from God, the Master and in the presence of Spirit.  In other words, I am simply a conduit and I was given the gift of discernment, words of wisdom and prophecy to help the healing.  As in all things, Reiki is a combination of all spiritual gifts.  It is not simply a “laying on the hands” but a complimentary form of alternative medicine called “energy healing.”  The Practitioner (ME!!) uses a technique called palm Healing or hands-on healing through a “universal energy” that is transferred through the palms of the hands in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.  Based at the Santa Fe Wellness Center in Santa Fe, NM.  I am committed to enhance your wellbeing and heal thyself!

Buddy and Earthakitt N.
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