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Enhance Your Body’s Natural Healing Process

Reiki (pronounced “Ray – Key”) is a non-invasive, non-manipulative Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation.  Reiki energy promotes natural healing in the body.  It is also a form of energy work that can address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dis-ease.  Reiki facilitates a feeling of balance and well-being. 

Who Benefits from Reiki?

As Reiki is calming, soothing and effective to all ages from infants to seniors.  It is also beneficial to pregnant women, and those who may suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety, and veterans.  Lastly, Reiki may also induce deep relaxation, help people cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress and improve overall wellbeing. 

Why Do It?

America’s number one health problem is stress.  The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75% – 95% of all who visit doctors are the result of stress related illnesses.  Stress is related to common health problems including diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and infertility. Continual stress hinders the body’s natural ability to repair itself.  Reiki can help unblock the body’s energetic pathways and support your natural healing process. 

15% of over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as a part of hospital services in 2007.  This number is even larger today, with hospitals incorporating Reiki into treatment, rehabilitation and prevention programs.  Reiki works.  

What Happens in a Session?

Reiki at Sisterwomanhealing (HWH) is offered at the Santa Fe Wellness Center in-person.  Reiki is painless.  During treatment, clients are asked to lie back on a massage table and relax.  Wear loose, non-binding clothing and socks.  Simply doing this can be the most difficult thing, yet this relaxed state allows you to receive the Reiki more clearly.  It is my personal belief that if you come to a Reiki session, please come with an open mind and an open heart. 

Reiki Can Also:

  • Accelerate Healing of Acute & Painful Chronic Illness
  • Assist the Body in Clearing Toxins
  • Balance the Flow of Chi
  • Help the Client Emotionally Transform
  • Be Safely used in Conjunction with Other Healing Techniques
  • Help Heal and No Religious Beliefs are required; Reiki is not a Religion.

Reiki at Santa Fe Wellness Center is offered by SisterWomanHealing in person with intuitive wisdom, deep witnesses and coaching where needed.  I feel that it is important that you are comfortable and safe.  Please feel free to ask questions.